About Us
About Us

In 1992, it was founded to Shanghai XingQing Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.(SXQOIC) in Shanghai. This is a professional manufacturing enterprise from various parts and components in high precision. It is also doing to manufacture and to sale various high sharp and precision optical instrument. SXQOIC has been developing and expanding for many years. There has been becoming a lot of user to be known the competition of strong research and development and manufacturing with over 1,800M2 area of factory, with over 80 employees including 30 engineers more, with over 50 sets of various machine and test equipment. For performing market better, it was established to Shanghai JiaXing Optics Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(sales company), that there is better administration 、larger expanding and developing globe market for the enterprise.

Our company manufactures the optical components and parts, including: different kinds of and grades of optical plane、prism and spherical lens; different kinds of and grades of aspherical parts, for example, aspherical lens、, paraboloid mirror and tire mirror; processor of lens of infrared material and reticle parts, etc.The high precision optical plane we produced, its surface irregularity can achieve 1/20(λ) at the range of Ф150mm. Recently, we had bought the Zygo 4" Laser Interferometers System with the F/0.75 Transmission Sphere(1/10λ) and the F/0.75 RS (65mm 1/50λ) , it shows that, the spherical len's surface irregularity we can produce can achieve 1/50(λ)。.

Our company has manufactured the optical instrument including: laser plane interferometer、min.division value 1′and 15″optical comparator for measuring angle, test range widely (±∞) min.devision value 0.0025mm reflection center instrument、industrial measuring microscope、point UV light source 、cold light source with switch circuit and differents of CCD adapter lens、digital adapter lens, etc.

The instrument we sales, including: stereomicroscope、series zoom stereomicroscope、series transmission and reflection microscope、series handhold refractometer and differents of light source for microscope, etc.

Recently, we have been developing the new high precision instrument, including: laser spherical interferometer、noncontact measuring radius of lens surface equipment、online measuring projector, etc.

High-class Quality, Punctual Delivery, Best Service, Competitive Price for customers are our guarantee forever.